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Benjamin Moore Faux finishes are decorative paint finishes that replicate the appearance of materials such as marble, wood, leather, or stone. They are ideal for adding that distinctive touch to your home. While some finishes are elegant, others are more rustic, so you can craft the perfect style for each room. And creating a faux finish is easier than you think, as long as you let the experts from Village Paint & Design help guide the process.

Oftentimes, a glaze or other top coat is used to create the desired effect. We offer a full line of these types of projects from the leaders in the industry.

  • Benjamin Moore—With creative glazes and unique effects that transform ordinary surfaces into dramatic works of art, Benjamin Moore offers everything from a latex glaze to translucent, pearlized, and metallic options. And, our unique Paint Extender allows you more time to create the custom effect you desire—before the paint dries.
  • Modern Masters—Offers glazes, crackles, varnishes, and textures—so virtually any paint effect is possible. They also provide products that can be used to fix and fill existing textures and correct wall imperfections.
  • Sepp Leaf—Provides paste waxes in fifteen wood tones and exceptional oil-free wood and metal finishes that meet the high standards of decorators, furniture makers, and cabinet shops around the world. Add a stunning embellishment to your room with the widest selection of gold, silver, and palladium leaf. These products work for interiors as well as small projects such as picture frames, furniture, signage, and glass.
  • Advance Equipment—Advance has been manufacturing utensils for drywall, wallcoverings, and painting since 1922. As a family-owned business, they have been dedicated to creating innovative tools to help you create interesting and delightful designs. They offer supplies for professional contractors as well as do-it-yourselfers.

Specialty Implements and Tools

Decorative implements, spatulas, sponges, and rags, as well as mini rollers produce beautiful effects quickly and easily. Utilize graining tools and combs to create a stunning wood grain effect on your painting surface, or opt for tools such as a door painting stand which allows doors to be completely prepped and painted on all sides, or an advance check roller which is used to create realistic pores in the grain. Ask us what other tools we have available to make your painting project easier.

More importantly, the professionals at Village Paint & Design can show you what to do. You’ll leave our store feeling confident that you can create the look you desire.

If you’re a painting professional, we can help you. We carry a full line of industrial and specialty paints for commercial use to handle your toughest challenges. We also offer scaffolding, ladders, and a complete range of prep and painting tools. And if your customers are having difficulties with color selection, send them to Village Paint & Design. Our Benjamin Moore Color Gallery will help them make the ideal choice.

New Wallpaper That Wows

Wallpaper isn’t what it used to be—the selection at Village Paint & Design includes the latest styles that are easier to work with and impossible to ignore as an option for a truly unique interior décor. New papers are available in prints that range from traditional to totally modern, and everything in between. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process of choosing the right wallpaper for your home, whether you want to add an artistic accent to a single wall or cover an entire room with interesting patterns and textures.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal look, everything you need to complete your project is available at our stores. Or, if you prefer, we can recommend a local professional who can install the wallpaper for you. For lasting value, new wallpapers are washable and fade-resistant, plus we offer a line of commercial-grade products that that stand up to even the heaviest wear and tear. For the very best of today’s wallpapers, Village Paint & Design has you covered!

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In addition to giving back, we also want to help protect our planet. Village Paint & Design is environmentally-friendly so we are making the commitment to recycle all of our paint, as well as our customers’ spare paint with community paint collection days.

We host paint collections twice a year where customers can drop off their used or old paint, and we will safely recycle it. Call individual stores for dates and times.
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