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Painting is about more than just finding the perfect color, it’s about selecting a paint that will change the way you look at things. At Village Paint & Design, we proudly carry Benjamin Moore paint products to provide our customers with quality selections that rise above the rest and stand up to daily wear-and-tear. Our interior paints and primers go on smoothly and flawlessly transform your home into what you dreamed of.

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Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Eggshell paint


Aura delivers remarkable durability and offers the most advanced way to bring color to life. Using our exclusive Color Lock® technology, Aura paint brings you discernibly richer, truer color. Visibly thicker, Aura paint covers like no other—even in the deepest shades.

Finishes: Eggshell, Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss

  • Mildew resistant
  • Stains wash off easily
  • Paint and primer together
  • Seamless touch-ups
  • Long-lasting, fresh look
  • Zero VOC*

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Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa paint


With a beautiful matte finish, Aura Bath & Spa is a premium-quality interior paint specially formulated to resist mildew growth in humid areas such as bathrooms and spas.

Finishes: Matte

  • Extreme hide and coverage
  • Color Lock technology for exceptional color
  • Stains wash off easily
  • Excellent touch-ups
  • Paint and primer together
  • Zero VOC*

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Benjamin Moore Aura Grand Entrance paint


Aura Grand Entrance brings rich, vivid color and exceptional durability to your doors and trim. Inspired by fine European door and trim enamel, Aura Grand Entrance cures to a lustrous finish that lends your home a look of elegance and luxury. Specially formulated to retain color integrity and gloss, this enamel is easy to apply, has excellent hide and is available in unlimited colors (available in quarts only).

Finishes: High Gloss, Satin

  • Outstanding durability
  • Easy, smooth application
  • For interior & exterior use
  • Available in unlimited colors
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Benjamin Moore Natura Zero VOC and Zero Emissions Paint


Natura Waterborne Interior Paint continues Benjamin Moore’s commitment to providing the most environmentally friendly paint. Natura goes beyond zero VOC to offer zero emissions, making it a safer paint for your family and the environment, all without compromise to performance or color selection. Natura is truly “Green Without Compromise®.”

Finishes: Eggshell, Flat, Semi-Gloss

  • Virtually odorless
  • Now Certified asthma & allergy friendly™
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Provides a durable, washable film
  • Spatter-resistant
  • One hour recoat for quick return to service

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Benjamin Moore | Moore’s Muresco

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Eggshell paint


Regal Select offers the premium performance and smooth application you’ve come to expect from our classic paint, with the added benefits of cutting-edge new technologies. Thanks to our proprietary waterborne resins and zero VOC colorants, Regal Select is both a paint and primer in one advanced formula.

Finishes: Eggshell, Flat, Matte, Pearl, Semi-Gloss

  • Highly washable
  • Zero VOC*, low odor
  • Excellent hide
  • Traditional flat finish for moderate-traffic areas and ceilings
  • Provides a mildew resistant coating

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ben offers great value with all the performance qualities you expect from a Benjamin Moore product. ben is a zero VOC/low odor paint that applies easily, is very durable and covers well.

Finishes: Eggshell, Flat, Semi-Gloss

  • Exhibits great touch-up characteristics
  • Spatter resistant
  • Excellent application properties
  • Low odor and zero VOC* even after tinting
  • Self-priming on most surfaces

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Benjamin Moore Aura Grand Entrance paint


Specifically formulated for ceilings, Waterborne Ceiling paint is ultra flat, hiding common ceiling imperfections for a look that is virtually flawless. Benjamin Moore Ceiling paint provides ample open time to ensure minimal lapping, has minimal spatter, and dries quickly for fast recoats.

Finishes: Ultra Flat

  • Flattest finish offered by Benjamin Moore
  • Conceals common surface imperfections
  • Easy application with fantastic results
  • Formulated for minimal spatter
  • Zero VOC*


A premium quality vinyl-acrylic coating especially formulated for ceilings that will provide a beautiful, uniform flat finish.

Finishes: Flat

  • Features solid hiding and easy application
  • Resists splattering when applied with a roller
  • Tones down ceiling glare and provides maximum diffused light
  • Provides a beautiful uniform flat finish

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ADVANCE offers the application and performance of traditional oil paint in a waterborne formula that cleans up with soap and water. It is a 100% alkyd formula water-dispersible alkyd developed with proprietary new resins that keep VOCs low even after tinting. It flows and levels like a traditional alkyd with the extended open-time required to achieve high-end finishes.

Finishes: High-Gloss, Satin, Semi-Gloss

  • Outstanding flow and leveling in every finish
  • Stays white longer than traditional alkyds
  • Easy soap and water clean up


A premium quality, low lustre, alkyd paint for metal surfaces with superb leveling and hiding qualities. Easy to apply with excellent sag resistance; clings to sharp edges and corners. Covers surfaces in one coat, provided they are in good repaint condition and color change is not extreme.

Finishes: Low Lustre

  • Excellent sag resistance
  • Easy to apply with brush, roller or spray gun
  • Covers surfaces in one coat, provided they are in good repaint condition and color change is not extreme


Waterborne Satin Impervo is a premium quality 100% acrylic latex that is now tinted with our patented zero-VOC Gennex® colorants. It delivers a beautiful, high-end, non-yellowing satin finish that stands up to repeated washing and scrubbing. This product is perfect for all type of interior trim and woodwork.

Finishes: Satin

  • Excellent hide, superior durability
  • Proprietary Gennex® colorant system
  • Excellent flow and leveling properties
  • Spatter-resistant, block resistant


Kitchen & Bath is a top quality, 100% acrylic satin finish enamel designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms. It is ideal for use over clean, gloss surfaces, and resists the growth of mildew even under humid conditions.

Finishes: Satin

  • Low odor, environmentally friendly—very low in VOCs
  • New tougher film
  • Exceptional durability and color retention
  • Self-priming on most surfaces

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Benjamin Moore | Coronado


Zero-VOC Ultra Spec 500 is a professional-quality interior coating designed to meet the needs of professional painting contractors, facility managers, and property managers. Available in a wide range of sheens and unlimited colors, professionals will appreciate its excellent hiding and touchup properties, good flow and leveling, easy application, and soap-and-water cleanup.

Finishes: Eggshell, Flat, Low Sheen, Semi-Gloss, High-Gloss

  • Spatter resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Zero odor
  • MPI approved

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A low odor, zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), 100% acrylic interior latex paint that provides a washable finish. Eco Spec® WB Silver Interior Latex is ideally suited for commercial, facility management and residential applications. Eco Spec® WB Silver does not have the odor of conventional paints that contain ingredients known as VOC’s. Eco Spec® WB Silver contains a unique antimicrobial package including micronized elemental silver (not nano-sized particles) that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the paint film.

Finishes: Eggshell, Flat, Semi-Gloss

  • Odor resistant
  • Quick drying and return to service
  • Spatter resistant

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Benjamin Moore Aura Grand Entrance paint


A low odor, zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), 100% acrylic interior latex paint that is high hiding, has excellent touch up, and a uniform finish. Eco Spec® WB Interior Latex is ideally suited for commercial, facility management, and residential applications. Eco Spec® WB Interior Latex does not have the odor of conventional paints that contain ingredients known as VOC’s. This product contains antimicrobial additives that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the paint film.

Finishes: Eggshell, Flat, Semi-Gloss

  • Quick drying and return to service
  • Spatter resistant


A professional-quality interior waterborne primer base that provides quality hide, is zero VOC, and has low odors. It qualifies for LEED® credit and is spatter resistant.

Finishes: Eggshell, Flat, Low Sheen, Semi-Gloss

  • Reliable hide
  • Low odor
  • Zero VOCs

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These products are the most widely used coatings for the maintenance business and have been modified to offer additional protection and or application properties. DTM, direct to metal, products that play a dual role as both primer and finish.

Finishes: Gloss, Low Lustre, Semi-Gloss

  • Tough, durable film with outstanding adhesion
  • Attractive low lustre finish
  • For exterior or interior use
  • Extremely durable with rust inhibitive ingredients

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Super Kote 5000® Acrylic Latex Enamel is designed to be applied with equal success by contractors or do-it-yourselfers. It applies easily without spattering, covers most surfaces in one coat, and may be washed repeatedly without film damage.

Finishes: Eggshell, Flat, Low Sheen Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss

  • Premium commercial acrylic latex desinged for the professional painter
  • Professional, fast-dry finish withstands washing
  • Low odor, and soap and water cleanup

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Benjamin Moore


A premium quality, 100% acrylic interior primer that adheres to nearly every surface. Enjoy the product’s quick dry time and environmentally friendly low odor/low VOC.

  • Excellent adhesion and sealing for interior surfaces
  • Quick drying
  • Easy application
  • Low VOC, low odor
  • Mildew resistant



A premium quality alkyd primer is a universal favorite when a quality under coater, sealer, and stain blocking primer is needed. It can be used over oil or latex paint and performs equally well under all Benjamin Moore architectural finish coats.

  • Excellent adhesion and sealing for interior surfaces
  • Excellent hide
  • Stain blocker
  • Minimal odor

Benjamin Moore Aura Grand Entrance paint


Our highest-performing 100% acrylic primer that delivers maximum hide and ensures uniform finish for all surfaces. This is the primer of choice when a significant color change is required.

  • Excellent all-around stain blocker
  • Low VOC, low odor
  • Mildew resistant, fast drying
  • Superior adhesion

Commercial Applications for Painting Professionals

If you’re a painting professional, we can help you. We carry a full line of industrial and specialty paints for commercial use to handle your toughest challenges. We also offer scaffolding, ladders, and a complete range of prep and painting tools. And if your customers are having difficulties with color selection, send them to Village Paint & Design. Our Benjamin Moore Color Gallery will help them make the ideal choice.

New Wallpaper That Wows

Wallpaper isn’t what it used to be—the selection at Village Paint & Design includes the latest styles that are easier to work with and impossible to ignore as an option for a truly unique interior décor. New papers are available in prints that range from traditional to totally modern, and everything in between. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process of choosing the right wallpaper for your home, whether you want to add an artistic accent to a single wall or cover an entire room with interesting patterns and textures.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal look, everything you need to complete your project is available at our stores. Or, if you prefer, we can recommend a local professional who can install the wallpaper for you. For lasting value, new wallpapers are washable and fade-resistant, plus we offer a line of commercial-grade products that that stand up to even the heaviest wear and tear. For the very best of today’s wallpapers, Village Paint & Design has you covered!

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In addition to giving back, we also want to help protect our planet. Village Paint & Design is environmentally-friendly so we are making the commitment to recycle all of our paint, as well as our customers’ spare paint with community paint collection days.

We host paint collections twice a year where customers can drop off their used or old paint, and we will safely recycle it. Call individual stores for dates and times.
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